Whitebark, Websites and branding for non-profit organisations and charities

It may seem daunting to make a website, but let’s break it down for you.

First of all, don’t panic. It doesn’t have to be hard.

Maybe take an hour out of your day, grab a coffee, and do the following:

Write down what you want to achieve with your site. Are you wanting people to just get in touch with you? Are you showcasing a service? And if so, what is it.

Think about what your USP’s are (Unique Selling Points) and how you can make them appeal to your audience.

And as always, images really make your site work. So take good quality photos, or look for free ones online ( try Unsplash and Pixabay ) or buy a few.

That’s it. Now get in touch with us, and we will do the rest.